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Become A TaxNest Professional

As a TaxNest Financials Tax Preparer, you will not have to deal with the hassle of opening your own tax office, and you will be able to make money on every completed tax return. We train you, support you, and even supply you with software every step of the way. Filers will even be able to upload their returns to you using their mobile devices. You will process all returns using our Electronic Filing Identification Number (EFIN), and will split all profits with you. 


No Experience Necessary

You do not need to have prior experience in the taxation field to become a TaxNest Financials Provider. All you need is a willingness to learn new things, a computer/phone, and payment for your tax preparation certification class. Learn a new skill, earn additional income, and have the opportunity to run a tax business on your own schedule. 

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Become A Tax Preparer In Just Weeks

Enroll Now for Summer 2024 Tax Preparation Certification!

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Become A Tax Preparer In Just Weeks

NO High-Level Math, Accounting Knowledge or Special Degree Needed.

TaxNest Financials Comprehensive Tax Course is a 6-8 week program that includes and IRS Certification focusing on A to Z mentorship that provides students with the tools and skills necessary to prepare individual tax returns.


Major topics covered in this course include:

  • Filing Requirements – Who must file a tax return and which form must be used?

  • Types of Income – How are different types of income taxed?

  • Deductions and Credits – What tax benefits are available to maximize the client’s savings?

  • Responsibilities of Tax Professionals – What duties and responsibilities does a tax preparer owe to his or her clients?

  • Business Entity Types – What is the difference between a Sole Proprietor, Partnership, C Corporation, and S Corporation? What are the advantages and disadvantages of these entity types?

  • Business Income and Expenses – How are certain types of income and expenses reported and accounted for?

  • Business Property – How is business property depreciated and how is this information reported on the tax return?

  • Employment taxes – What forms must be filed for employment tax purposes?

After completing this course, students will have the requisite skill set and confidence to prepare individual tax returns.

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Upon Graduating Exclusive Offer To Work With TaxNest Financials With Access To:

  • Access to TaxNest Pro Software

  • Up to $9500 Cash Advance For Your Clients

  • Vacation Voucher For You & Your Clients

  • Marketing, Flyers, & Ad Training

  • Customized Mobile App

  • Contractor/Employee Options

  • Weekly Payroll

  • Continued Tax Training & Mentorship

  • Health & Retirement Options

  • Year Round Service Options

  • *Access To Additional Licensing Courses:

    • Credit Restoration

    • Bookkeeping & Accounting

    • Insurances

    • Investment/Retirement Planning

    • Real Estate / Property Management

  • Room for Progression (Become An Owner)

  • Weekly Training & Continued Support

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Franchise With TaxNest Financials Firms

This is a great option for entrepreneurs who are new to the industry or seasoned professionals who want to run an office of their own. You will use our Electronic Filing Identification Number (EFIN) to process your clients' returns. There is a $500 annual software fee, and profits are split with every return; you receive 70%, and we receive 30% for the first two years while you learn how to manage and develop a team of your own, there after the split is 90/10.  In addition, we include the following:

  • Special Edition of TaxNest Pro Franchise Plus Edition

  • Training and support on how to set up your tax office

  • Training and support on how to find qualified agents.

  • Assistance with finding a profitable location (i.e. grocery store, check cashing locations, and other retail locations)

  • Annual compliance training and IRS Certifications

This option does not include TaxNest Financials Elite Full Service Options, only tax preparation for individuals and businesses.


**We cannot guarantee any income earnings, and income will be based on individual performance/work ethic  within the commission-based compensation model * 

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Looking for White Lable Options?

The Power of TaxNest
Your Branding Simplified.

For experienced tax professionals who want to launch their own tax professional services, we offer an exclusive mentorship, coaching, and business in a box option. 

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